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Why should you host your next corporate event or team-building activity at Cluemaster?

♠ Boost team morale with a unique, fun experience that isn’t just another pizza party
♥ Encourage your employees to practice logical thinking and cooperative problem solving (even if they’re already great at both)!
♣ Our games have adjustable difficulty to match any group’s preference and experience level
♦ Affordable pricing for large groups—just $25 per person

♠♥ Events for groups of 9 or more are available outside normal business hours ♣♦

We really enjoyed all the rooms here. Their shawshank experience was a great way to combine both of their prison themed rooms into one cohesive story, and their witching hour room was a very cool suitably dark follow up to the original creature of the year room. I highly recommend these rooms as a great way to develop teamwork skills

Gerard D.

We had so much fun with the 2 hour experience. The puzzles were fun and not extremely hard to where they were unsolvable. Great to do with a solid group and really helps to show the different types of thinkers and problem solvers. I highly recommend this if you love to be challenged.

Patrick N.

How does an escape room make my team better?

Escape rooms are a unique activity designed to make clever problem-solving enjoyable and to reward players for working together effectively.

Simply put, there is no defeating the room without patience, logic, teamwork, and a willingness to try new strategies when old ones fail. Believe it or not, we make all of this fun!

WOW 👏 Hands down 5 star review. We had an incredible time at Cluemaster. I never leave reviews but felt the need to share with everyone! Jonathan was so friendly and such a great host. He even helped coax one of our skeptical team mates into playing… so glad he did! We did the Witching Hour room, Medium difficulty, non scary. 8 minutes left on the clock and ALMOST got out but we failed… we were so close! The devil is in the details. Wouldn’t recommend with less than 4 people. It was full of twists and turns. I’ve done escape rooms in the past but this room was so well done! Thank you Cluemaster we WILL be back! 😉

Jessica M.

We did the competitive room with 12 people guys vs. girls. It was a blast and I would definitely recommend to anyone!! Overall, a great experience!

Josh L.

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