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Cluemaster Max!

Cluemaster Max is the greatest Corgi investigator of all time. He’s traveled all over the world, solved mysteries, and kept mankind safe from various cosmic threats. He’s captured art thieves in Paris, bested nefarious sorcerers in the Himalayas, wrestled alligators deep in the swamps of Louisiana, and on at least one occasion, he battled the legendary Loch Ness monster (who lives in Greece, not Scotland, and prefers to go by “Carl”).

We started Cluemaster Escape Rooms as a way of letting ordinary people relive some of Max’s grand adventures. Bring your friends and family to see if you can save the day like Max did!

(Not sure what an escape room is? We put together a simple introduction over in our FAQ.)

or call us at 480-209-8645 for more information.


Keeping it simple

Pricing for all games is based on the total number of players.

2–3 players: $40 per person
4–8 players: $30 per person
9+ players: $25 per person (call to book)

or call us at 480-209-8645 for more information.

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We’re building our brand new game, “Search & Rescue,” right now! We just need a little more time to get everything ready. In the meantime, we still have two other awesome games to play!

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Search & Rescue Pre-Sale Terms & Conditions

Our new game, “Search and Rescue,” is in the final stages of construction and is almost ready for testing. By pre-purchasing tickets at a discount, you acknowledge that we have not yet established a firm opening date. We are estimating an open date sometime in January 2022, but many factors could delay or otherwise affect this estimate. Pre-sale tickets never expire,* and in the (very, very, very) unlikely event that we go out of business, all pre-sale tickets will be fully refunded. Pre-sale tickets are non-refundable under all other circumstances.

You may purchase pre-sale tickets online or by calling 480-209-8645. To book online, follow these steps:

1. Scroll up and click the “Gift vouchers” button just above the “Search and Rescue” info box
2. Select “Specific gift voucher”
3. Scroll back down to “Search and Rescue” and click the “Buy” button
4. Select the desired number of tickets
5. On the checkout page, click the “Enter code” button and use code SRPRESALE30
6. Complete checkout
7. A voucher code will be emailed to you. SAVE THIS EMAIL!
8. Please wait until we send an email announcing that the room is open. At that time, you can book a game online or over the phone using your voucher code.

*Our booking system sets vouchers to expire after one year, but should your tickets get that old, don’t worry. Just give us a call and we’ll extend the expiration date indefinitely.